A B O U T   H A U S   O F   C O C O

My name is Lauren, I am 28 and I started my business in early 2018 (previously Miss Prints) with the goal to provide unique, stylish and affordable prints.
I can't believe how much my little business has grown over the past 2 years and I cannot express enough gratitude to all my lovely customers and supporters. You have honestly made such a difference you would never believe.
Before I had the idea to start this business I was in a really bad place, both mentally and financially. To be completely honest, I had recently gotten out of a 5 year long physically, verbally and mentally abusive relationship with my baby's father. I luckily escaped, purely for the sake of my new born son and have obviously never looked back, despite the fact I was forced with no option but to rely food banks to support Sonny and I. I was so ashamed to be in such a position of poverty and I felt like a complete failure as a person and a mother.
However, one day that all changed. One day I was browsing Instagram and noticed all these lovely prints in backgrounds of fashion bloggers photos - I have always been a bit of a geek with computers and in particular digital design and photo editing - and thought "I could make those!". I got out my old laptop, downloaded some software and used a John Lewis voucher that I had received at Christmas and sold anything I could find on Gumtree - from jewellery to broken TVs - so that I could buy a printer. 

Now I am so proud to say that I am able to support my little family while being able to also be at home and enjoy watching my wee boy grow up - every stage is just so precious! I apologise for rambling on so much but I just wanted to try and explain to you how much this means to me, it's an absolute dream come true and I will never stop offering the best products, service and bargain prices that I possibly can! 

I know you have loads of lovely print companies to chose to buy from so I am SO grateful you chose me <3 But please remember that supporting any small business no matter what product can make a HUGE difference in a family's quality of life and “supporting” doesn’t always mean buying; sharing a post or product with your family, friends and/or social media really helps a lot! It truly is amazing and I will always be a supporter of shopping small!
Thank you so much for reading and have a lovely day <3
Lauren & Sonny